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Latest Bitcoin news from around the world can be extremely great a solution or tool for a trader who is trading the cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin blockchain is capable of handling higher transaction volume. It must be noted that due to more frequent block generation, the network supports more transactions without a need to modify the software in the future.


Needless to say this all is covered in the latest BTC news by Live Bitcoin News. Over the last couple of years, the scope and prospects for digital currencies have gone up significantly. Recently, Bitcoin touched the levels of $5800. Bitcoin has been able to increase its reach and transaction volume as well.

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Latest Bitcoin news about Wallet and Exchange Rates

Live Bitcoin News does offer the latest analysis of BTC prices and the wallets that can help the users save their digital currency. Wallet encryption allows the users secure their wallet, so that they can view transactions and the account balance as and when they want. However, it is important to have only safe and secure Bitcoin wallets.

Needless to say double authentication has become a popular method to provide security to Bitcoin wallet. This provides protection from wallet-stealing viruses and Trojans as well as a sanity check before sending payments. Nonetheless, hiring the services from the BTC wallet providers that have double authentication is becoming popular among users.

Making Money Trading Bitcoin

Latest BTC news from trusted sources guide traders make informed trading decisions. News from around the world collected by the portal to provide information about updated events and policy changes taking place around the world. The teams of experts and seasoned traders guide the new traders how to make sound trading decisions.

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It is an undeniable fact that the blockchain technology is an ingenious invention. This technology is the creation of an individual and his group popularly referred to by the alias, Satoshi Nakamoto. However, since then, the blockchain technology has developed into something greater. The most frequent question that people ask about this technology is the basic - What is Blockchain?

The blockchain technology built a new internet system by permitting the distribution of digital data instead of the conventional way of copying info. The original intent for creating this technology is for it to serve as a digital currency. However, the technological community has discovered other potential applications for this technology.

A blockchain expert said that the blockchain technology is a programmed record of the economic transactions of a digital ledger. This record is not limited to financial transactions only but almost everything that has value.


There is no transaction cost when it comes to the blockchain tech. However, there may be infrastructure costs instead. Although the blockchain technology is simple, it is also a creative method of transferring info from point A to B in a safe and fully automated manner. One of the transaction party initiates the block creation process. Millions of computers on the internet then verifies this block. This verified block is then engraved in a chain that is safely stored on the internet. This then creates a unique record with a unique history. You will have to falsify an entire chain in a million cases to successfully falsify a single record. This makes falsifying a record almost impossible. This model can be applied in different ways, however, Bitcoin uses it for monetary transactions. Click site to learn more about this.


Imagine a spreadsheet that is copied thousands, possibly millions of times across several networks of computers. After that, picture that this network is built to update this spreadsheet regularly. This illustration gives you a lay understanding of how the blockchain technology work.

Data held on a chain exists as a continually reconciled and shared database. This is an awesome way of taking advantage of a network that has countless benefits. The blockchain database is distributed across several locations on the internet. This means that the information can crypto poker online be easily verified and are made public. Hence, anyone on the network can access but not alter them. The hacker cannot corrupt this data as they are not centrally available for edits.


Here are a few reasons why the blockchain has continually gained admiration around the world;

It is decentralized, hence, no single entity owns it.

Data is stored cryptographically inside the block.

No one can alter the data inside the block because they are immutable.

Data history can be tracked easily because it is transparent and public.


Here are three reasons why the blockchain technology has gained recognition over the years;

Decentralization: Data is stored across multiple networks of computers on the internet.

Transparency: Since data is public, anyone on the network can have access to its transaction history.

Immutability: This implies that data are secure and cannot be easily tampered with.

The blockchain technology is gaining admiration continually around the world. It boasts of millions or arguably billions of users around the world.